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Here at, our goal is to assist you in finding treatment for any addiction that may be plaguing you or one of your loved ones.

This will be at no cost to you. We will be able use our experience in the field of addiction treatment to help you navigate through the maze of treatment centers nationwide.

Just making the decision to attempt to find help is a difficult one. Our network of treatment centers nationwide allows us to build the most effective treatment program for you, your family, or friends. We are able to achieve this with continued education, research, and our own experience with addiction plus multiple years of recovery. Also by maintaining continued relationships with the top of line licensed and accredited treatment programs...

Another part of our free services involves the patient and the whole family. Because when someone is sent to rehab there cannot be the misunderstanding that they are now healed. This is not the case 99% of the time. There must be an after..


Helping the addict or the family navigate through the maze of addiction treatment centers nationwide.

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We will be able to design a treatment program and find a facility center based on the needs of the addict.

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Your choice of treatment center can impact the rest of your life. Call us to learn why is the right choice in treatment.

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01 Rehab Programs

Our family of alcohol and drug treatment centers includes evidence-based substance abuse programs across the nation. All of our drug and alcohol rehabs consider the unique needs of each client, tailor treatment to meet those needs, and provide clients the superior medical and behavioral care needed to move beyond addiction into long-term recovery.

02 Rehabilitation

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to drug addiction treatment, we tailor care to each client's needs. We don't just address the symptoms of addiction; we draw upon a range of therapies that help clients heal the underlying issues that fuel substance abuse, manage co-occurring mental health disorders, and develop a toolbox of healthy coping skills that will help them stand strong in recovery after they've left our centers.

03 Young Adult

We have specialized programs to address the unique needs of youth struggling with addiction. Young people often have undiagnosed or under-diagnosed mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression or trauma, and require a different approach than that offered at traditional drug rehabs. Our young adult alcohol and drug rehab programs keep young people engaged in treatment, introducing them to innovative therapies, providing them opportunities to practice recovery skills in real-world situations, and equipping them with healthier coping mechanisms.

04 Detox Programs

For some, medically monitored alcohol or drug detox is the first step toward recovery. Many of our treatment centers provide onsite detox services. Our highly experienced medical and behavioral experts care for clients in comfortable, home-like settings. We use the latest evidence-based medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings as clinically appropriate and ensure that clients smoothly transition into the next stage of recovery.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

~Serenity Prayer


``To, you gave me a 'do over' in life, and my children and I are eternally grateful.``
`` gave me 'new life!' With continuing in my program, I feel that my life is better... fuller than I have ever experienced. For me, was a life-saver!``
`` literally saved my family and got me focused on my new journey.``
`` has helped me turn my life around 180 degrees. Every aspect of my life is greatly improved and enhanced due to there experence, stregth and hope!``
``It's been over a year now since I helped my brother find a drug treatment center. Due to our belief system, I looked high and low for a christian drug facility. After searching the Internet for hours, I was still left without the answers I needed to make the right decision. We looked through the Internet again and found They checked all the faith based rehab centers and answered all of my questions. They made the entire process simple and straight forward. We are eternally grateful. Thank you``
``My wife became addicted to pain meds due to an excruciating back injury, which was the key component in her fear of getting off the meds. This resulted in the worst 12 months of her life. Thanks to the highly experienced and down to earth process offered by, our search for the right facility was painless. After their due diligence phase, they found my wife a treatment center that specialized in pain management. While they explained the treatment process to us, I watched the fear in my wife's eye slowly disappear! Thank you for helping me get my wife back!``



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